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    A new age of air transport is about to begin, where the way we move around and between cities is fundamentally changed. The same way in the past century flights have connected our continents in a new way, now we will be reconnected with our local communities.

    Imagine having easier access to remote touristic places for a weekend of fun, or quicker access to more cities and town for your business meeting.
    All of this is possible at the tap of a button!

    With the existing network of airfields all around Europe and a large community of enthusiastic pilots, your freedom to travel and commute increases exponentially. After receiving your flight request, we notify our pilots and make sure one is available within 24 hours. We send you a confirmation with the pilots details and information about the flight and… ready to take off! This is also a great way for pilots to accumulate flight hours at a low cost, since the costs of a flight are divided by all participants in the flight (including the pilot). 

    Want to know how quickly you can get from Amsterdam to Texel Island?
    Well, it’ll be just under 20 minutes…


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